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Our Web Portal is Shalibhadra clients can log on to the company’s exclusive portal site and access various reports:

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In Mutual Fund Option following are available

  1. Transaction Report – (Updated as per transaction feeds received from RTA)
  2. Dividend Income Statement
  3. Portfolio Summary Investment
  4. Portfolio Composition Report
  5. Portfolio Credit Profile
  6. Profit and loss analysis. – (Updated as per transaction feeds received from RTA)

(Profit and loss Report (Detail) / Profit and loss Report (Compress) /Capital Gain Report (Detail) / Capital Gain Report (Compress) / Portfolio Details / Summary of Investments)

Important Note: Kindly note that the information available in our website is based on data files available from Registrars of Mutual Funds. There are delay/error/and mismatch in certain cases. It is therefore important to note that before any transaction verify the correct data as per details available from concerned mutual Funds. In case of any discrepancy, the information as shown in Account statement of mutual funds is considered as final. We are not held responsible for any such discrepancy for the reasons be'yond our control.