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Shalibhadra Mutual Fund Distributors LLP. AMFI registered Mutual Fund Distributor. ARN-109950.

Started in 1982, SHALIBHADRA is backed by 40 Years of experience and competence of providing Investment Services. Shalibhadra acclaims highly respected and leading Mutual Fund Services firm especially in Ahmedabad. The reason behind the success is investors’ continuous support.

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About Shalibhadra

Investing is easy.
One must control emotions and keep discipline.

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40 Years
of experience in
Investment Services
1500 +
Investor families
getting our services
team members providing
Investment Services
6000 +
Live SIPs/STPs
by Investors
Our firm is inspired by ‘Story of Shalibhadra’ of ‘Giving Back’. ‘Shalibhadra Sheth’ was one of the wealthiest person in his time. Wealth he created by good means and eventually spent for good cause. A person can become rich by doing business activity but a person can only be wealthy by his/her good deeds. We follow such high level of ethics for carrying our business activities.
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