Jagrut Investor:

       With view to increase Financial Literacy and Investment Awareness initiative of JAGRUT INVESTOR
       CLUB has been started. The club will primarily work for investor to educate on,

               How to select suitable asset class?

               How to select proper investment scheme / option?

               How to choose Suitable timing for purchasing / redeeming?

               How to be aware of wrong selling?

           The objective of the club is to generate public interest in proper investment products and to
           refrain from wrong investment avenues.

       Financial Literacy for all-
           It is a unique awareness initiative for students and women.

           For Students, a certificate is provided by appearing in aptitude exam.

               Stress Free Exam – Open Book Examination

               Preview of the financial environment in the current context

               Knowledge enhancement

          For Women awareness,A information sheet is given to easy sail through emergency.

               Easy to understand seminar

               A specially designed sheet to filled and to be kept by all women

               Knowledge enhancement

               To provied strength to fight financial emergencies

          Both initiative aims to enhance practical knowledge of students and women so that they outperform from the crowd.